About Us

Since 1974, Shoemaker, Incorporated has provided quality hydraulic valves for the Off-Highway Hydraulic Valve Market. The outstanding service of Shoemaker means our customers are repeat customers...they have a reliable and competitive source that can manufacture products to their specifications.

Most Shoemaker products are application-specific. We manufacture Manual-Mechanical Directional and Specific-Function Valves, Check Valves, Check Cartridges, Pilot Interfaces, and Single-Function Valves as well as Complex Manifolds.

We work with our customers from concept and design engineering to field application. There's no guesswork and you are assured your prototypes are completely compatible with the application. Our employees have decades of experience and understand that high-quality work is paramount to our success. Each understands that every job demands adherence to a rigid set of quality procedures from first piece, to last. Our state-of-the-art production machinery is maintained to the highest standards and replaced when no longer producing to Shoemaker quality levels. That's service the Shoemaker way.

Call us today. Find out why so many Shoemaker Customers are repeat Customers. Shoemaker, Incorporated...Experience and Service do make the difference.